• Parsing json with Python

    I'm often find myself parsing deep nested json documents in python, and often thought, this should be easier.

  • Managing version with bumpversion

    For any software project it is likely that you're will need to define the version in sperate place and keeping track of that can be a bit of pain.

  • Python invoke with tab completion

    Python Invoke is very handy task execution tool.

  • Using pip-tool to organise python requirements

    I have struggled for a while on how to handle my python requirements, fighting on one side to pin my requirements to exact versions to have repeatable builds, and on the other side to keep running the latest packages.

  • Keeping secrets out of your source

    I first came across `envsubst` [here][first-envsubst] whist doing some research. It seemed to me like neat way of keeping configuration items out of my source code.

  • Removing older versions on Google App Engine

    Google App Engine holds onto older versions of your app after you push a new deployment, however there are limits (20) to how many you can keep.

  • Cleaning up old git branches

    When you are using feature branching and constantly and merging often, your local git tree can start to fill up with lots of old branches that have been long since merged.

  • Python logging decorator

    A python decorator can be a handy way to quickly get a grasp of what is going on with your code.

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